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 Including these places into your track you avoid thirst. For free! 

 Liptov is not an exception in Slovakia-the land of the mineral water springs. Practically it´s  like a shop-window. Look at the locations of the   springs and the outlined local MTB lanes. 


 Rich in sulphated, HCO and Mg water in 6 mineral springs in the north of commune. Due to healing effects of the water there was founded spa.



 Near to Lúčky in the commune Kalameny there´s also a natural bath called "Močilo", perfect for refresh in hot days. The springs in these 2 locations are accessible also by road bicycle. 




 Bešeňová - access to the source is a little bit limited for both road and mountain bicycles. Your own feet can really help you. 

 Surroundings of Bešeňová is rich in rare mineral springs (14 springs) such as those in Piešťany, Rajecké Teplice, Bojnice, Trenčianske Teplice etc.  Tourists used to join the mineral water and fun by visiting Thermal Park Bešeňová. 

 The mineral water consists Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe, CO2 and is uncommonly  sulphated and bicarbonated. Surrondings of every mineral spring is  characterictic by red-brown tint. 



 Liptovský Ján 

 The HCO-sulphated, Ca-Mg mineralised water is used for swimming (hotels) and drinking. The spring "Teplica" is well accessible by MTB/road. 

 The water in the village and its valley has created beautiful local cave structures. Liptovský Ján is a perfect initial point for a MTB ride. 


 Borová sihoť  

 The mineral water springs from nature by the longest Slovak river Váh. 


 Accessible by MTB 




 Račkova dolina 

 At the entry of the valley Račkova dolina near to local hotels there´s a fine mineral water source. It´s well known by local men. Accessible by MTB/road bicycle. 


 Next 2 springs are not so well known, but really perfect to get rid of thirst. 


 Bystrý prameň 

 In the direction of Podbanské there´s another water spring. It´s easy to find riding along Tatranská magistrála (artery). Accesible by MTB. 



 We can really say that that water spring is Spring from under the Kriváň the most famous Slovak peak. So, fuel the magic refreshing power!

 Accesible by MTB/road bicycle